Adam & Eve Day Spa Officially Launches its ‘New Home’

Adam & Eve Day Spa Officially Launches its ‘New Home’

In a quaint setting, with signature spa aromas permeating the air, the official launch of the Adam & Eve Day Spa’s new location went without a hitch.

Specially invited guests, a host of dignitaries, close friends and family created a buzz at 56 Old Hope Road in the warm Kingston air ahead of the ceremony.

Commencing the proceedings by inviting God’s presence, Senior Spa Therapist Jody-Ann Dixon led with prayer, which transitioned into the Executive Chairman, Garth Walker recounting the journey which he and his wife and business partner, Kimisha Walker, took to make Adam & Eve the success it is today.

Walker recalled that the Adam & Eve Day Spa started as a dream when his wife presented him with the idea and opportunity to open the spa on her brother-in-law’s property. He went on to state that “April 30, 2007 we opened and at the end of the day we had no sales. That went on for at least a week, with no revenue coming into the company. With rent, light, water and staff to be paid, we were catapulted into a recession in 2008, to top it all off. Truth be told, the business on Constant Spring Road never really got an opportunity to get off the ground.”

After facing unexpected issues at the constant spring location, the Walkers decided to search for a new space. In 2012, Adam & Eve opened a 5000 sq. ft. location in New Kingston, which led to an upsurge in their recognition in the spa industry. In an unfortunate turn of events, that location was to be short lived, as they again faced difficulties with their landlord. This spurred on a determination to find somewhere they can call their home, and that was the birth of the 56 Old Hope Road location.

“We went on the hunt and found this dilapidated property that had around 2-3 shattles on it. Notwithstanding, it is the single biggest investment we’ve made in the business to date. We have invested approximately $150 million into this property to open a 10,000 sq. ft pamper temple and we are now the number one stand-alone day spa in the Caribbean,” Walker continued.

In the role of Guest Speaker, Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed that he was very pleased that Garth and Kimisha were able to endure the tough times, weather the storms and fight the struggle, explaining that “all of the people you see here today are not here because of the spa, they are here because of your story of perseverance and resilience.”

Though the Prime Minister wears many hats, he also acknowledges his duty and responsibility to the people of Jamaica who have made the investments and taken the risks to innovate and operate their own businesses.

“Micro, small and medium enterprises are a critical part of the Jamaican economy. It's people like Garth and Kimisha who lead that segment of the economy .When you look at what carries the Jamaican economy, it's not just big businesses. The fact that our economy continues to do well, our tax revenues intake continues to increase, is because of businesses like the Adam & Eve Day Spa,” the Prime Minister said.

Member of Parliament for St. Andrew South Eastern, Julian Robinson, who was also present at the ceremony, shared a few words of encouragement with the husband and wife duo. “I think you’ve had a very positive experience here at 56 Old Hope Road, the location is an excellent one. Old Hope Road is one of the busiest gateways, and from what you have said, your business has continued to grow. Services are a growing industry, and both men and women come to places like this to ‘look good’ and relax and I think you offer a very valuable service,” he explained.

Despite his unavoidable absence, Mark Golding, Leader of the Opposition, ensured his greetings were brought and shared. Shadow Minister Dr. Andre Haugton, was tasked with relaying the Opposition Leader’s wishes.

“When you talk about mental health issues, when you talk about a fast-paced moving world, it's only fitting that we have sanctuaries like these to help each and every one of us to cope with our day-to-day lives,” Haughton shared.

Representing the Minister of Tourism, Paige Gordon, Advisor to the Minister, expressed that “though delayed due to the challenges of the Covid pandemic, this opening is symbolic of our thriving tourism industry which has maintained a remarkable post-pandemic rebound. Modern tourists are no longer satisfied with just the sun, sea and sand. They crave immersive experiences that nourish the mind, body and soul. This is where the thriving world of health and wellness tourism comes in.”

The Adam & Eve Day Spa boasts a very dedicated and competent team of 45 team members, a massive growth from the 12 that the business started with in 2007. The Spa proudly prides itself on achieving a number of firsts in the industry, including being the first to introduce infused rages upon entry; to offer complimentary beverages, ranging from water to alcoholic beverages; the first to have a fully ecommerce integrated website, introduce rainforest water massage, staff awards for team members and lastly, the first spa to have the Prime Minister of Jamaica as the guest speaker of the official opening ceremony.