BossMoms Build Home #3 for Families in Need

BossMoms Build Home #3 for Families in Need


(From left) Jillian Ranglin-Robinson, Tess-Maria Leon, Michelle Gordon, Dr. Peta Gay McDonald, Patricia Wright-Myrie, Nastassia Morrison and Aiesha Panton were smiling gracefully after completing the handover of the newly built unit on Wednesday.


BossMom Builds, a network of mothers-in-business dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities, built another home in collaboration with Ziggy Marley's URGE Foundation to build their third home together.

This partnership marks a significant milestone, bringing the total number of houses built to eight since the network's inception in 2022. The construction of this home represents the first project for 2024, kicking off a year of ambitious plans to build several more homes as part of a wider effort to help mothers provide for their families. It was built in Horseguard District, Garland St James.

The collaboration between BossMom Builds and URGE Foundation embodies a shared commitment to addressing the housing needs of families in need, particularly those headed by single mothers. Through their combined efforts, they aim to create safe and stable environments where families can thrive and children can grow.

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Ziggy Marley's URGE Foundation to build homes for families in need," said Michelle Gordon, founder of BossMom Builds. "As mothers ourselves, we understand the importance of having a safe and secure place to call home. By joining forces with like-minded partners, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of families who are facing housing insecurity, which subsequently impacts family life.”

The homes built by BossMom Builds are not just structures; they are symbols of hope and opportunity for families striving for a better future. Each home is built under the umbrella of the Food for the Poor charity organization, and furnished with love, by the additional donors and other BossMoms.

This Mother’s Day Build for 2024 saw the support of 6 BossMom Network members, Dr. Peta Gay McDonald, Patricia Wright-Myrie, Aiesha Panton, Dr. Jillian Ranglin-Robinson, Tess Maria Leon and Nastassia Morrison - all BossMom entrepreneurs in different industries.

"We are honored to receive support from new and returning partners including Ford, Courts, Optical Elements, Insight Global, Josephs, Elizabeth Herman Designs, Jambisco, Value Gas and Nestle. Building and furnishing a home is a collaborative effort, and we couldn’t do this without help,” shares Michelle Gordon. In the year ahead, BossMom Builds is committed to expanding their efforts to build homes for families in need. Through fundraising initiatives and volunteer efforts, they plan to continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of more mothers and children. 

“Seeing the excitement on the faces of the children as their bunk bed was being set up was just beautiful.” Courts was happy to donate to BossMom Builds as part of their 65 Acts of Kindness programme.  “We donate the houses and do all we are able to  to make those houses into homes.”